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Terms & Conditions

  • - Zarata Events only takes responsibility for private events where its members, associates, assistants and supporters participate. The events are not open to the general public, an invitation is required to enter or participate.
  • - In order to acquire photos and autographs, holding any of our pass options is needed.
  • - We wish to remind everyone an invitation is not a ticket and cannot be treated like one. It is a privilege and it cannot be sold or traded, not even if you are no longer able to attend. Any breach of this policy will automatically render your invitation void without any indemnification.
  • -You are not booking a meeting with any specific actor or guest, you are supporting a no profit assn. devoted to create parties for fans entertainment.
  • - For any conventions organized by Zarata Events, all passes will have to be ordered at our website prior to the event as you won't be able to acquire them on the same day of the convention or at its premises.
  • - Passes can be upgraded, depending on availability, upon request to the organization.
  • - If unable to attend, pass holders can hand over their passes. The transaction being their own responsibility and to be carried out by themselves. However, before any exchanges are made, contacting the organization is required to get authorization. NO PASSES CHANGES WILL BE DONE WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT OF THE ORGANIZATION.
  • - Time limit for the request of pass changes of any kind is 30 days before the event.
  • - When getting more than one pass per person, information of all attendees has to be provided to the organization as all invitations must be personalized.
  • - In the event of change of date or cancellation of the event, Zarata Events assumes no responsibility for costs of accommodation, plane tickets or expenses of any other kind.
  • - The organization assumes no responsibility for any comment or actions taken by the guests or staff members who act on their own initiative.
  • - All passes allow access to the event, but their benefits and privileges will depend on the pass option acquired.
  • - The organization reserves the right to deny admission.
  • - The organization reserves the right to change the date of the event provided the reasons for it are beyond our control.
  • - Confirmed stars could cancel for professional reasons, Zarata Events assumes no responsibility for said cancellations.
  • - The cancellation of the appearance of a star does not imply cancellation of the convention.
  • - In the event of having acquired products of a star who cancelled, the organization will allow their exchange for other artist’s products or make a refund.
  • - Children under 5 are admitted free provided that they don’t occupy a seat.
  • - Children between 6 and 10 get a 25% discount on their passes.
  • - Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • - The organization assumes no responsibility or liability regarding accidents or lost objects during our events.
  • - All persons must attend with printed confirmation of their invitation as well as of all other acquired products.
  • - All passes are personalized, therefore attendees to the event must present some form of identification.
  • - Any form of disruptive or violent behaviour will result in the immediate expulsion from the event.
  • - Objects to be signed by the artist must be previously supervised by a member of the staff.
  • - Stars can refuse to sign any object or product that they consider offensive or aggressive in any form.
  • - For the duration of the event, if necessary, security personnel are authorized to ask for attendees’ identification or perform luggage searches.
  • - Partaking of all activities will be coordinated exclusively by the staff. Ignoring their guidance may cause conflicts, which might lead to expulsion from the event without any kind of indemnification.
  • - During the panels, it is allowed to take photos as long as it is done from your own seat and without flash. Video recording is forbidden.
  • - Taking photos or making recordings of any kind during the autograph sessions and Photo Ops is not permitted.
  • - It is strictly prohibited to take photographs or make recordings of any kind during the Meet&Greet.
  • - By attending our events you agree to allow Zarata Events to use your image in any form of promotion, website and in news, documentaries or stories, and understand that this will not entitle you to compensation of any kind.
  • - By acquired any of our pass options, you represent that you have read and understand our terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them.
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Cultural Association Zarata Events, 2021