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From now on you can pre order the Official Wolf Moon Con DVD in our store.

DVD Wolf Moon Con Regular: €35 + shipment fee.
Includes Tyler, Ian, JR and Max panels.

DVD Wolf Moon Con Premium €60 + shipment fee.
Includes: Meet & Greets, Coffee Breaks, Extras + DVD Regular

Thank you


The Zarata Events team want to thank you oficially for having assisted to the Wolf Moon Con this weekend. Without you, the fans, this wouldn't have been possible.

Thanks to our guests, Tyler Hoechlin, Max Carver, JR Bourne and Ian Bohen, who constantly told us how much they were enjoying each moment and how welcome you made them feel.

Thank you also to the PAs of our guests and all the staff for their amazing work during the weekend.

In addition, we'll also have the Photo Ops available in a couple of days.

Also we're glad to announce the second unofficial Teen wolf convention in Spain WolfmoonCon2. The event will take place the days 27 and 28 of June 2015 in Bilbao. Passes will be available in our store this Wednesday, September 25th at 9,00pm (Spanish time).

As a token of our appreciation for the vote of confidence, all of those who buy their passes before November 30 will have a Special 10% discount.

Once again, thanks for all you support.

Zarata Events.

Day Passes


We want to inform that there will be single DAY PASSES available for Saturday and Sunday at the convention. The price will be €50. This pass does not include any extra, only the entrance to panel room that day. If you want to buy some extra aside, you must do it at the event.

Special Offer


This Thursday 11th, as a celebration of Tyler Hoechlin's birthday, we're having a 2x1 in ALL our products in the store. The offer will last 24 hours only, it'll start on Wednesday at 10pm (Spain time) and finish on Thursday at 10pm.

Those who buy a product with this offer will be sent two pdfs for said product.

At the registration you'll be handed in an envelope containing your pass and all your products. Those who buy products with this offer and are sharing them with other person will have to give the second ticket directly to the other person at the convention, there's no need for you to inform us who will be using the second product.

This doesn't apply to passes as they are nominal, so if you acquire a pass with this offer you will have to send us an email indicating both owners names.

At the time of writing this, all pdfs have already been sent. If you haven't received yours, please send us an email to wolfmooncon@gmail.com telling us which product you're missing so we can send it to you as soon as possible.

Thank you everybody and see you next week.

Official Schedule


Official schedule for Wolf Moon Conschedule



Celebrate Tyler Hoechlin's birthday together with him and a group of fans in this Coffee Break. In it you'll be able to sing him the Happy Birthday, eat cake and give him your present personally. The duration of this activity is of 30 minutes.

Cocktail Party


Tonight we are putting up for sale a new activity that will be held on Saturday night and which ALL our guest actors will take part in.

The Cocktail Party will consist of an hors d'oeuvre based dinner (beverage included). The actors will share table with the VIP pass holders and will sit at every table for a few minutes so as to be able to chat with all the attendants.

The cost of this activity will be €100 and the passes will be available in our store as from Thursday 15th at 8.30pm

Fourth guest


Zarata Events are pleased to announce the fourth guest to Wolf Moon Con, first unofficialTeen Wolf's convention in Spain. The actor who portrays Aiden: Max Carver.



Wolf Moon Con will take place in Madrid - Spain, in the Auditorium Hotel, located near to Barajas airport and Ifema.

From now, you can make your reservation for the Auditorium Hotel HERE.



Due to an International Oncology Congress, that will take place in Madrid on September 27 and 28, almost all hotels are full or had doubled the prices of the rooms. Tyler, JR and Ian, have approved to change the dates, so finally the convention will take place on September 20 and 21. If you have any doubt or question please send us an email to wolfmooncon@gmail.com

In a few days we'll announce the hotel with the link to make the reservations.

First vip pass


This wednesday, January 8 at 8:30pm (Spanish time), will start the auction of the first VIP pass for the Wolfmoon Con. The product will be available for bidding until January 15.

Third Guest


Zarata Events are pleased to announce the third guest to Wolf Moon Con, first unofficialTeen Wolf's convention in Spain. The actor who portrays Derek Hale: Tyler Hoechlin.

Second Guest


Zarata Events are pleased to announce the second guest to Wolf Moon Con, first unofficialTeen Wolf's convention in Spain. The actor who portrays Mr. Argent: JR Bourne.

Tickets sale


Tickets for the WolfMonCon will be on sale this Thursday November 21 at 9pm (Spanish time). All passes can be paid in two or three installments. If you want to pay in installments, you have to choose bank transfer option, and leave a note in the shop or send us an email to "wolfmoncon@gmail.com" saying how you want to pay. Stay tuned, because the second guest is coming.

First Guest


Zarata Events are pleased to announce the first guest to Wolf Moon Con, first unofficialTeen Wolf's convention in Spain. The actor who portrayed Peter Hale: Ian Bohen.

The passes will be available in a few days. Stay tuned.

Wolf Moon Con


Wolf Moon Con has a confirmed date: the weekend of 19, 20 and 21 September, 2014 in Madrid.

We'd like to apologize for the delay in the release of information for this convention, but it hadn't been possible to choose a date until now due to the actors filming schedule.

We also want to let you know that as there's more than a year left until the event, actors confirmations might take some time to be made public.

We've been in contact with the managers for some time now, and the actors are very thrilled and excited about attending Wolf Moon Con, so we ask you for a bit more patience.

Passes will be made available with the confirmation of the first guest.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you all at Wolf Moon Con.

Cultural Association Zarata Events, 2013