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Showtime Con

2013/03/25. New products.

The digital photo ops from ShowTimeCon will be available until April 3, then we'll remove the photos of the web.

Also, the same day, April 3 at 9:00pm Gale Harold's products for Queens of the Road convention will be available in our store.

Meet and Greet: chat with Gale for 20 min with a small group of people. 110€.

Coffe Break: chat with Gale for 30 min having coffee or tea with him and a small group of people. 130€.

Photo Ops: 55€

Autographs: 20€.

Remember that, in order to get any of these activities, you must have a pass for the convention.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2013/03/08. Digital photo ops.

From now on you will be able to acquire the digital Photo Ops, which you can see in our website: Gallery.

The cost of each photo is €5 if paid through bank transfer and €5,5 if done with PayPal. Those interested in acquiring them must follow these steps:

- Jote down the photos you want.
- Make the bank transfer or through PayPal.
- Send us an e-mail to this address: showtimeconphotos@gmailcom, indicating the codes of the photos and attaching the receipt of your payment.

Please, remember to put the codes of the photos you want for each transfer made so we can send you the correct file.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2013/02/14. Aldis Hodge Cancelation

The Zarata Events team regrets to inform that due to work related reasons, Aldis Hodge has cancelled his appearance in ShowTimeCon. We deeply regret to have to give you the news at only two days to the convention, but we want to make it clear that we have been informed only today and that Aldis himself has decided to explain in this video the reasons for his cancellation:

We apologize to all the attendants. It's been a great disappointment for us too, as we could have never imagined that any of our guests would have to cancel his appearance in such short notice.

We ratify the attendance of Gale Harold, Christian Kane and Steve Carlson. All of them are already flying to or in Bilbao and their presence is 100% confirmed. Those who have his products will have the option to change them for others of the same value, or for a coupon valid to acquire merchandising. Also we'll refund the money in case you are not interested in any product.

Please, ask in the registration desk how to exchange your Aldis' products.

Our apologies, once again.

Zarata Events.

2013/02/06. Coffee Break duo.

Because of schedule and in order to allow all the Leverage fans to enjoy both Aldis' Coffee Break and the Steve/Christian's duo panel, we have decided to join Aldis' and Steve's Coffee Breaks in just one that will take place on Sunday at 10:45 am.

If you want to assist to this Duo Coffee break, only until Saturday 9th, you will be able to acquire it in our shop at the special price of 45€

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2013/01/28. First year offer.


Zarata Events are celebrating our first year, and to commemorate the occasion we give you the chance to grab these fantastic offers.

If you already have a pass, you get a 20% discount during three days in any of the available products in our shop.

Not decided to come yet? We'll help you make up your mind granting you a 20% discount if you acquire two or more passes.

There are only two weeks left for the ShowTimeCon. Don't miss your chance to spend three days in the company of your favourite actors.

Thank you for your support. See you in a couple of days! ;)

Zarata Events.

*Offer valid from January 28 to 30.

2013/01/18. Cocktail Party menu

We already have available the menu for the Cocktail Party. For that reason and only until January 27th, you have the oportunity to buy your pass with a 15% discount. Remember that ALL the guests will attend this activity.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2013/01/16. ShowTimeCon official schedule.

For the people who has bought a M&G or Coffe Break with Gale Harold, at the registration, we will give you a card where is especified what group of M&G or Coffe Break you have.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2013/01/09. Coffee Break with...

Grab this new chance to chat with the actor of your choice while having coffee and pastries with him and a small group of people for 30 minutes.

Coffee Break Gale Harold: 95€
Coffee Break Christian Kane 95€
Coffee Break Aldis Hodge 60€
Coffee Break Steve Carlson 50€

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/12/28. Christmas offers from December 28th to January 9th:


This week, Christmas reaches our store with AMAZING discounts and gifts you can't miss.


Buy a Prime Pass an get a Group Photo as a GIFT.
Buy a Group Photo an get an Individual Photo of your choice as a GIFT.

Products with a discount:

VIP Dinners:
Aldis Hodge: 80€ (save 40€).
Steve Carlson: 80€ (save 40€).

Meet & Greets:
Aldis Hodge: 50€ (save 40€).
Steve Carlson: 30€ (save 15€);

Cocktail Party:
70€ (save 10€)

These offers are valid only from December 28 to January 7. Don't let this opportunity go to waste.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/12/26. Henry Ian Cusick - cancellation.

The team at Zarata Events regret to inform that we have come to the decision to cancel Henry Ian Cusick's participation in the convention. As you all know, we are a non-profit association and we have limited funds, thus the payment of the actors' fees (and their expenses) is made with the funds raised through the passes as well as the products sold by each actor. Unfortunately, regardless of the fact that we still think that Cusick is a great guest, he hasn't piqued enough interest amongst fans for us to able to have him being that the sale of his products has been practically inexistent.

In addition to the financial drawback brought by this, we believe it's very offensive to the actor to bring him to the convention to be put in a position where he will find that there aren't any fans at his Meet & Greets, his photo-ops or to join him at his VIP dinner.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We know it's disappointing, it is even more for us who have tried to wait until last minute in hopes of more of Henry's fans deciding to join us, but it hasn't been possible.

We confirm the attendance of Gale Harold, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane and Steve Carlson, please don't worry. We have an open and fluid communication with the managers of these four guests, and the proceedings have been without difficulty with them.

Obviously, we will refund the money from those of Henry's products that have been sold. People who have acquired said products, please, contact us via e-mail.

Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies.

Zarata Events.


Also this Thursday, December 20, the last 5 dinners with Gale Harold will be put up for auction. Those interested in acquiring one of these dinners will have to send us their offer by email to our email address:

If your bid is out, we'll notify you via email, informing the amount of the lowest bid in case you want to bid again. These five seats will be the closest to Gale, which means that, the person whose bid is highest will be seated next to him during the dinner.

The auction will end on Thursday, December 27 at 8.30pm.

Thank you.

2012/12/19. CLOSE UP.


This Thrusday, December 20 at 8:30pm you'll find in our shop, ShowTimeCon's best activity: Close-Up, an activity that will be held in a different venue than the hotel where all the others are scheduled, a fascinating place. For security reasons, we have decided not to make public the exact location where this activity will take place, but we are sure that it will be an amazing experience both for the convention guests as well as for those fans who venture to take part of it.

All the guests invited to the event will participate in it, except for Christian Kane who hasn't confirmed his attendance to this particular activity. The activity will begin with a Coffee Break where the attendants will share a delightful moment with all our guests. Nearing the middle of the activity and for capacity reasons, the group will have to be divided in two and will remain separated for aproximately an hour until the end, when they will meet again. For this reason, we've decided to offer two kinds of passes at different costs.

Pass-A: This pass allows you to select in which group to stay once they have been divided. The cost of this pass is euro;250.
Pass-B: This pass does NOT allow you to choose what group to stay in once they have been divided. This pass costs €200.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/12/04. Store news.

From now on, the shop will remind open with all the products, except Gale's dinners. Besides you'll be able to acquire in the shop, a group photo with all of our guests for the incredible price of 90€. Also we are making available the new shared photos option. Get whichever photo you want with your friend for only 60€ and save 30€.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.


If you are interested in acquiring our next VIP pass, send us an email to before December 12 telling us what your top offer is and we'll get in contact with the winner.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/11/29. DAY PASS.


From tomorrow Friday, November 30 and on, Day passes will be available in the shop. The passes are for Saturday or Sunday. The cost of the passes will be €50.

- Access to the event for a day (Saturday or Sunday).
- Access to the panel room.
- Non-reserved seat.
- Possibility to acquire photographs.
- Possibility to acquire autographs.
- Possibility to acquire concert tickets.
- Possibility to acquire Meet & Greets.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.


Acquire two passes in the same order before November 15 and you'll get a group photo you both can share with all the stars attending the convention. And remember, if you acquire your Prime Time pass this month, you can pay it in three installments.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.


Due to the amount of people interested in the payment of the passes in installments, our offer to pay Prime Time passes in three in installments continues during November. Middling and Late Night passes can be paid in two as usual.

Our present email account is malfunctioning and several messages haven't reached their destination, for that reason, we have decided to open new account. From now on, we are getting in contact with you through Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Zarata Events.

2012/10/23.New batch of products.

The next batch of products will be next Tuesday 30th at 9 pm (spanish time). In this new batch, will be available a new duo Meet & Greet Christian Kane/Steve Carlson. The price of this M&G will be 120€.

VIP Dinners: On 30th October, we are making available at the shop the first batch of tickets for this special activity. Vacancies are very limited. Only 15 people will be able to participate and enjoy of this moment with their favourite guest: Gale Harold, Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge, Henry Ian Cusick or Steve Carlson.

In this first batch only five of the fifteen seats (for each guest) will be made available for you to acquire. Five more in a second batch that will be announced later and, lastly, a third batch that will be auctioned on eBay. We believe this is the fairest way to handle such a limited activity.

The dinners will be available at the shop, like the rest of the products, but due to the short supply we want to emphasize that completing the purchase and receiving the e-mail the store sends by default doesn't guarantee that you have acquired the dinner. Please, wait until you receive a personalised e-mail where the organisation informs you that the dinner is yours effectively. This is a necessary step as, on occasion, the store malfunctions and sends more products than those set. When dealing with photos and Meet & Greets we can vary the amount of sold products, however, we are unable to do so with the special activities.


Gale Harold: 180€
Christian Kane: 150€
Henry Ian Cusick: 150€
Aldis Hodge: 120€
Steve Carlson: 120€

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/10/16. New promotions, second VIP Pass and shop's products.

1.- Want to win a Meet & Greet of your choice with any of the actors invited to the event? Buy your pass before 26 October and you automatically enter the raffle. Besides, and only up to that date, you can pay your pass in three instalments.

First payment: 26, 27 or 28 October

Second payment: 26, 27 or 28 November

Third payment: 26, 27 or 28 December

Don't let your chance go to waste. Acquire your pass before the 26th and take advantage of this awesome deal.

2.- From today on the store will remain open permanently to acquire passes, photo ops, autographs, concert and cocktail party. The remaining meets, will go on sale in batches, as it has been done until now.

3. The second VIP pass will be auctioned tomorrow on ebay.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/10/11.New batch of products.


New batch of products this October 11th at 8:30 pm (Spanish time) Available passes for the Cocktail Party.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.


Due to the great interest in the activities Gale will be partaking in, we'd like to announce that he'll be in a number of special activities, which will be made available for purchase in the future to all the attendants regardless of the kind of pass you have acquired.

Gale will take part in the following activities:

Cocktail Party: Cocktail Party to which all our artists will be attending. The limit is a maximum of 200 people to be placed at tables of 10-15 seats. A dinner made up of hors d'oeuver (beverage included) will be served, and the artists will spend some time at each table and engage in conversation with the attendants.

VIP Dinner: Attendants to the event will have the chance to enjoy of an exclusive VIP dinner with the guest artist of your choice. There'll be five different dinners (one for every artist), with a maximum of 10 people at each dinner party.

"Close Up": Special activity where we'll give you the opportunity to share together with the invited artists to the event: an unforgettable three-hour long experience, outside the convention venue. Gale Harold, Henry Ian Cusick, Aldis Hodge and Steve Carlson will assist to this activity. Christian Kane's assistance hasn't been confirmed yet.

We'd also like to announce that the Ebay auction of the first VIP pass will be on September 27th.

Thank you so much for your trust.

Zarata Events.

2012/09/19. Zarata Events are pleased to announce the fifth guest to ShowTimeCon, the actor who portrayed Brian Kinney in the TV series Queer as Folk, GALE HAROLD.

Autographs, Meet & Greets and photos with Gale, will be available soon at the store, with the next products batch.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/08/07. Summer Gift Certificate.


Passes acquired between August 9th and September 15th get a gift certificate for products in our shop.

If you purchase 1 pass: We'll give you a gift certificate of 10% of its price.

If you purchase 2 passes: Every pass gets a gift certificate of 15% of its price.

If you purchase 3 passes: Every pass gets a gift certificate of 20% of its price.

If you purchase 4 passes: Every pass gets a gift certificate of 25% of its price.

If you purchase 5 passes: Every pass gets a gift certificate of 30% of its price.

Note: The gift certificates can be exchanged for the following products in the shop: individual photos, double photos, autographs and any special activity. They can't be used in Meet & Greets or other passes.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/07/19. Venue.

The ShowTimeCon will take place in the "Holiday Inn". A hotel with cosmopolitan design, roomy and airy spaces and marvelously located, next to the Basílica of Begoña and the historical city centre, few minutes from the most important cultural and tourism centres of Bilbao.


You can make your booking HERE.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/07/16. News about our shop.

Due to the amount of products already sold in the shop and with the purpose of giving everybody a chance to get theirs, we've decided that since tomorrow the shop will be opened only to buy passes. The rest of the products, namely Meet & Greets, photos, autographs, will be available for purchase in batches on different dates. We'll announce the date for the next batch shortly.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/07/05. Zarata Events are pleased to announce the fourth guest to ShowTimeCon, the actor who portrays Eliot Spencer in the TV series Leverage, CHRISTIAN KANE.

Autographs, Meet & Greets and photos with Christian will be available at the store next week.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/06/30. The "raffle week" winners are:






Remember to the winners that the prize is to be chosen between one of our already confirmed guests.

Congratulations and thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/05/17.Buy your pass now and enter the "Raffle Week".

Want to win a VIP dinner with your favourite guest? Or a 3-hour long amazing special activity outside the convention venue with ALL the guests? How about a Meet & Greet of your choice with one of our already confirmed actors? Zarata Events gives you the chance to get them.

If you already have your ticket to ShowTimeCon or if you get it before June 22, you'll automatically enter our RAFFLE WEEK, which will be on June 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29. These are the products to be raffled during that week.

Monday, June 25: An autograph to be chosen from the already confirmed guests.

Tuesday, June 26: A photo of your choice with one of our already confirmed guests.

Wednesday, June 27: A Meet & Greet of your choice with one our already confirmed guests.

Thursday, June 28: A VIP dinner of your choice with one of our already confirmed guests.

Friday, June 29: A pass for the "CLOSE UP" special activity, where we give you the chance to share a 3-hour long memorable experience outside the convention venue with ALL the guests of the event.

If you haven't acquired your pass already, don't miss your chance. You have until June 22 to get it and enjoy one of these exclusive prizes.

Remember that ALL passes can be paid in two installments.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/05/07. Zarata Events are pleased to announce our third guest to ShowTimeCon, the actor who portrayed Desmond in the outstanding TV series LOST, HENRY IAN CUSICK.

If you are a LOST fan, don't miss the chance to share three memorable days with one of the most beloved characters from the series.

Henry Ian's Autographs, Meet & Greets and photos will be available in the store in a few days.

Remember that all our guests announced up to this date will partake in special activities, both in and outside the convention venue, to which we'll give you more details of in the future.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/04/04. Zarata Events is proud to announce its second guest to ShowTimeCon, the singer songwriter STEVE CARLSON.

Autographs, Meet & Greets photos and passes for the concert will be available at the store in a few days. Prime Time and Middling passes already includes the entrance to the concert. The special activities will be announced once the rest of the guests have been confirmed.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/03/22. Zarata Events is proud to announce its first guest to ShowTimeCon, to be held in Bilbao in February 2013 ALDIS HODGE.

Attendants to the event will have the chance to share with Aldis autograph sessions, photo-ops, panels and Meet & Greets. In addition, there will be several special activities which we will announce later and that, we are certain, will make for unforgettable memories you will cherish forever.

Autographs, Meet & Greets and photos with Aldis will be available at the store next week, as well as the access passes to the event. The remaining activities will be announced once the rest of the actors have been confirmed.

Stay tuned for more news since we will announce our second guest in no time at all.

Thank you.

Zarata Events.

2012/03/12. ShowTime, multifandom convention.

Zarata Events presents ShowTime Con, the first multi-fandom convention in Spain, where you will be able to meet the leading actors from your favorite television series.

In ShowTime Con, all the appearing talents are or have been leading actors in some of your series.

Keep an eye out for news and confirmations of our guests as we will start announcing them soon.