From Zarata Events, we are working to make the dreams of many of you come true by bringing your favorite actors to Europe. This time we'll meet in Edinburgh, on February 25-26 2023, in an INCREDIBLE event we are sure you will love. TWO amazing conventions in the same weekend. Meet the main actors of The 100 and/or Shadowhunters on a weekend that we guarantee will be UNFORGETTABLE. There will be two separate conventions in the same weekend at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City Centre and you can acquire a pass for either of the two or a general one that will allow you to participate in both. When acquiring a pass for one of the conventions, you will have the option to buy extras for the other one in the last month prior to the event but ONLY in case they're not sold out so if you are interested in attending both we recommend you to acquire one of the general passes.

Cultural Association Zarata Events, 2019